How to Improve Your Personal Communication Skills for Workplace Success

When it comes to communication skills, your personal presentation places a major role in workplace success.

You may invest considerable time gaining relevant skills to excel in your role, but your self-presentation may also influence your success.

Personal presentation is how you portray yourself to other people and a key part of communication – it is the first step in to develop effective presentation skills. Ensuring you have a strong and a professional personal presentation can impact your success within your own company. It also impacts your ability to attract clients and shareholders to collaborate with.

Some of the most important elements are:

Self-esteem and Confidence

Self-esteem describes the measure of value individuals possess in themselves, contributing to their self-perception. Good self-esteem involves understanding and accepting your abilities, including your weaknesses. Self-confidence is an indication of the trust you in yourself and what you can contribute to your team. To have good self-esteem, you don’t need to become a master of all skills, but be able to play to your own strengths and communicate what those strengths are effectively.

Non-Verbal Communication

A large part of successful workplace communication is not just what you say, but want you don’t say. It is important to be aware of your non-verbal cues, gestures, and body language, as these are all interpreted by the person you are communicating too. Maintaining good eye contact, actively listening, and using hand gestures can engage your audience and help deliver your message.


It is important that within your work environment, you hold yourself in a professional and polite manner. This is also important when it comes to skills such as time management and email etiquette, as this will ensure you build a rapport that allows effective communication and a professional personal presentation.

So, are you ready to take the next steps in developing your Personal Presentation in the Workplace?

At The Lir at Work, our practical public speaking course incorporates a range of theoretical, practical and performance modules used to train professional actors – which focus on using the body, breath and voice to maximum effect. Under the expert guidance of our voice & performance coaches, you will learn breathing, mindfulness and tension release exercises that will help you to overcome your fear of public speaking in both your professional and personal life.

Stepping up in Confidence for Management is ideal for if you have been recently promoted into a management role – or are simply looking for ways to increase your personal impact within your organisation. This effective communication skills course will provide you with a toolkit of tips and techniques that will allow you to transform your performance and set you on the path to the leader you aspire to be. 

By the end of this public speaking course, you will:
  • Discovering your inner confidence – and developing your personal impact.
  • Understanding the ‘how’ to developing your physical presence
  • Understanding Imposter Syndrome and the avoiding thinking traps.
  • Understanding the role of the body, breath and voice in powerful communication.  
  • Understanding the importance of syncing verbal and nonverbal communication as a leader. 
  • Understanding how to deliver credible leadership performances.

At The Lir At Work we deliver a series of confidence building courses for both individuals and groups. These incorporate a range of theoretical, practical, learning modules designed to strengthen confidence for anyone who is uncomfortable with leading teams in high pressure environments.

For more information on the learning outcomes please visit our range of effective communication skills courses or contact us directly