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How To Communicate with Confidence as a Leader

Stepping up with confidence into management and leadership roles can be a daunting tasks for even the most confident of ‘next best things’ out there. The pressure of performance, the

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Sailing Through The 7 C’S of Communication Myth

(How to Weather the Storm) The 7’C’s of Communication (Clear, Concise, Concrete, Correct, Coherent, Complete, Courteous) have provided the world of corporate communications with steadfast pillars for many years –

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Video Conference Training | Brain Strain Workshops AUTHOR: Joanna Crawley –The Lir At Work Reading time – 5 minutes As we continue to transfer our pre-COVID19 lives into indistinguishable online

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What Makes a Great Speaker Great?

Communicating is something that we all do every day of our lives – with friends, family, work colleagues and acquaintances – and usually something we don’t give a second thought

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