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Donald Trump looking like a bully

Trumping the Bully: Coolness vs Confrontation

Managing Conflict in the Workplace | Conflict Management “Smile and say nothing”, “Don’t take the bait”, “Turn it into a joke”, “Don’t get dragged into the mud”. Anyone who ever

Women stressed out with her head set on a desk face down


Video Conference Training | Brain Strain Workshops AUTHOR: Joanna Crawley –The Lir At Work Reading time – 5 minutes As we continue to transfer our pre-COVID19 lives into indistinguishable online

David JP Phillips presenting to a crowd

What Makes a Great Speaker Great?

Communicating is something that we all do every day of our lives – with friends, family, work colleagues and acquaintances – and usually something we don’t give a second thought

The Lir At Work Spring Sessions

The Lir at Work: Spring Sessions

Presenting with Influence both Online & Offline Join us for a new series of courses aimed at people working in the business community. Our expert tutors use acting skills and

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