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Transform Leader Performance

One in five employees are at risk of burnout due to low employee / leadership engagement. Whether you team members are stepping into leadership roles for the first time or are seasoned managers simply looking for ways to develop their leadership style, our range of leadership courses will help them achieve their full potential. 

Our practical and engaging communications workshops will allow your organisation’s leaders to explore, identify and develop their leadership skills by empowering them with communication skills that will help them engage with, influence and inspire their teams with greater impact than ever before. 

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Group Leadership Courses

A practical communications workshop designed for business leaders and senior management teams who want to advance their leadership style by gaining a greater understanding of how to adapt communication techniques to strengthen and support their leadership approach.

A practical workshop focused on empowering the body, breath and voice to help each delegate discover their inner confidence, develop their personal brand and overcome their unique challenges that professionals face when stepping up to management positions in competitive working environments.

A workshop designed to equip your team with the communication skills required to deal with managing difficult conversations in the workplace, allowing them to manage any situation with authority, empathy and control. Great for those who work in HR, Management and client facing roles.

A communications workshop designed specifically for women in business which explores the power of voice, physicality and language in the workplace.  This highly practical course is designed for women professionals working at, or aspiring to reach, management level.

Our twelve-week ELEVATE communications skills programme is designed for organisations who are looking to transform the performance of their team through a targeted training solution. Each bespoke Elevate programme is specifically designed to meet our clients’ organisational goals, whilst also accommodating the individual needs of each participant. 

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