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Empowering Teams To Grow

According to a recent LinkedIn Workforce Learning Report, a massive 93% of employees reported that they would stay at a company longer if their employer invested in their careers.  Furthermore, a LinkedIn survey of 2,000 business leaders found that more than half (57%) put soft skills over hard skills when it comes to what they need their employees to develop. The top four soft skills are leadership, communication, collaboration and time management.

Our personal development courses focuses on developing the most fundamental part of every employee – the person themselves. Using skills and techniques employed by professional actors, which focus on using the body, breath and voice to maximum effect, your team members can increase in confidence, overcome adversity and fulfil their full potential by unlocking the communication skills that will enable them to flourish. 

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Group Personal Development Courses

This communications workshop aims to increase your teams personal impact by giving them a deeper understanding of the importance and qualities of clear and focused communication skills.  This course will improve your teams performance in a variety of situations such as: staff briefings, leading meetings, effective networking, interviews and appraisals. Allowing them to hold their space and relate to others with ease.

This course focuses on helping your team develop a range of skill-sets, approaches and mindfulness techniques which allow them to adapt, overcome and flourish when faced with adversity, challenges and stresses in the workplace.  Allowing them an ability to adapt to stressful challenges and work through them with a more positive, proactive approach.

A communications workshop designed specifically for women in business which explores the power of voice, physicality and language in the workplace.  This highly practical course is designed for women professionals working at, or aspiring to reach, management level.

Our twelve-week ELEVATE communications skills programme is designed for organisations who are looking to transform the performance of their team through a targeted training solution. Each bespoke Elevate programme is specifically designed to meet our clients’ organisational goals, whilst also accommodating the individual needs of each participant. 

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