Presentation Skills Training

Deliver Your Best Performance, When You Need It The Most

Whether you’re a seasoned raconteur who relishes the limelight or one of the 87% of people who dread speaking in public, our range of presentation skills workshops will empower you with the tools necessary to take your performance to the next level. Applying tips and techniques used by professional actors, that focus on the Body, Breath and Voice – you can overcome nerves, stay in the present and deliver powerful presentations that will allow you to connect with, influence and inspire any audience with greater impact than ever before.  

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Group Presentation Skills Courses

Our Making Facts & Figures Fascinating course is a practical presentation skills workshop is designed for teams struggling to connect with their audience as a result of having to communicate large volumes of facts, figures and data.

This Storytelling course will help bring your teams presentation and likability skills to the next level. Amazing for sales and marketing teams looking the ability to ‘hook’ an audience and engage with them during those all important 1st impressions.

A workshop designed to ease the fear of public speaking by focusing on developing a toolkit of performance techniques used by professional actors which allows you to break through inhibiting fear-factor barriers. Great for those needing to get in front of large audiences.

A course to take those presentation performance to the next level. This public speaking course will help you become a more powerful and confident communicator allowing you to connect with, influence and inspire audiences with ease.

Our training focuses on using the Body, Breath and Voice to maximise performance when communicating – and these online workshops will focus on what can be done to increase the impact made when communicating online via video conferencing platforms.

Our twelve-week ELEVATE communications skills programme is designed for organisations who are looking to transform the performance of their team through a targeted training solution. Each bespoke Elevate programme is specifically designed to meet our clients’ organisational goals, whilst also accommodating the individual needs of each participant. 

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