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In-Person Courses

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We run regular communication skills workshops throughout the year that are open to members of the public to book on an individual basis allowing you to enjoy our practical, engaging workshops, training alongside like-minded people from other organisations. 

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This practical public speaking course incorporates a range of theoretical, practical and performance modules and is ideal for anyone who either fears, or feels uncomfortable with, speaking in public.

A course to take presentation performances to the next level. This public speaking course will help you become a more powerful and confident communicator allowing you to connect with, influence and inspire audiences with ease.

This Storytelling course will help bring your presentation and likability skills to the next level. Amazing for people working in sales, marketing or entrepreneurs looking to ‘hook’ an audience and engage with them during those all important 1st impressions.

This communications workshop aims to increase your personal impact by developing a deeper understanding of the importance and qualities of clear and focused communication skills.  This course will improve performance in a variety of situations such as staff briefings, leading meetings, effective networking, interviews and appraisalsallowing you to hold your space and relate to others with ease.

Online Courses

Our online workshops are designed to provide you with practical, engaging and interactive training that allow you to develop your communication skills.
All our online workshops use real-time video conferencing technology, allowing you to interact with your trainer and fellow learners in a virtual classroom setting.

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